Unleash Tail-Wagging Delights Every Month

A monthly subscription to treat your dog again & again (& again!) These boxes ship free.

Surprise your dog with their favorite treats monthly and never worry about running out!

Archie's Classic Subscription Box

Our Archie's Classic Subscription Box is packed with canine delights like the delectable Michigan Mutter Butters, Cheezy Bops, and Toothy Sticks.


Waggin' Wheat Free Subscription Box

Treat your pup to the rich flavors of Pumpkin Pie, the cheesy goodness of Cheezy Bops, the savory crunch of Chick'n Biscuits, and the wholesome sweetness of Milk n' Cookies. The best part? This box is wheat, corn, and soy free!


Wellness Wag Subscription Box

Our Wellness Wag Subscription Box is a tail-wagging experience designed to elevate your dog's well-being! We prioritize your furry friend's holistic health, delivering a monthly dose of happiness and nourishment right to your doorstep.