Meet The Team

Chief Dog Officer


Archie is a pure bred golden retriever who was rescued and adopted in May of 2022. He will soon be two years old. His favorite things in the world are his best friend Hedgie, swimming in Lake Michigan, and playing ball. His role in the company is the taste tester... he fills it well.



My name is Ellie and I am the founder of Archie's Dog Co. A while back, Archie started having seizures from hidden ingredients like garlic in store bought dog treats. When I got to the bottom of his health troubles, I knew I had to create a treat that he couldn't resist. And through this, Archie's Dog Co. was born.

Ellie's mission since founding the company is to keep dogs happy and healthy with products crafted using limited, USDA-approved, human-grade ingredients and no supplements or additives.

Sales Manager


Behind the scenes of Archie's Dog Co. is Jack. He ensures dogs all over can enjoy premium, nutritious treats. Thanks to Jack, we’re able to feel confident each day that your dog will have access to Archie's treats!

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